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Cheddar (left) and El Papino (right). Photo: Supplied

By Thabo Radebe

For a lot of people, the lockdown pressed a reset button. More and more people are itching to come back to the world they know.

What is really interesting for me is how most of us are willing to spend money on our own. What is our own in this case? Well this includes supporting our spaza shops, informal traders, buying local and the most important for me was spending our money on great talent just next door.

So Lunique magazine sends me to interview these two guys, only known as Cheddar and El Papino to me. I was given a small brief on who they were and what they do. Because it is lockdown, I knew I was not essential enough to go meet them face to face so we decided to do the famous Zoom Call.

The first minute of the call, Cheddar is making fun of El Papino and he returns the favour. At this point I don’t know whether to laugh or tell the gents to focus. My son sits next to me and says u Dlozi no Papino. I knew these boys whoever they were, were making an impact in their art, if my nine-year’old son recognides them.

Ok Gents, my brief tells me you are musicians, I say. Before I could finish my opening statement, Cheddar interrupts and says “music is part of us, please refer to us as artists, artists create art in all its forms, from music, album cover, Videos and our merchandise, we strive to creatively inspire and make people happy with all we do.” Whoa!!! that sorts of ends our interview, I said and we all laugh. Ok let’s start gents.

Q: Are you guys a band?
A: No, Just two Music Producers with the same vision. With El Papino being more on the production side and Cheddar on the vocal side.

Q: Why do you enjoy working together?
A: Two brain are always better than one. They said together, then Cheddar continued to say their different ideas seem to work out very well for them.

Q: When did you start?
A: We both started 2010 right boy? Said El Papino confirming with Cheddar, but we had no knowledge of the field and how to go about pushing our stuff.

Q: You mentioned that you guys are artists, what other art do you do?
A: Cheddar: Besides Music I established, run and manage my own clothing brand and I always come up with different designs and colours. People who own my merchandize know that the Cheddar Merchandize is colourful.
A: El-Papino: Been working on my Podcast and Clothing line called Simplicity. I have the right team, Cheddar has Merchandize experience so we will be going in soon.

Q: What are your frustrations as artists?
A: Music Industry not opening doors for upcoming artists but accepting PAYOLA from the big guns with not so great Material and content.

Q: Who has been your greatest inspiration in all your art?
A: El-Papino: DJ Kent.
A: Cheddar: Production side it would be Makwa Beats

Q: If there was a lockdown battle in your genre, who would you take on as an opponent?
A: Cheddar: Well, Definitely Ourselves
A: El-Papino: Yes our songs will have to unfortunately compete against each other, we all laugh.

Q: Ok Let’s talk about the music project you are about to release together, what is the name and what kind of sound can people expect?
A: The Project is called 9394 (Superstar Edition)
A: Expect amapiano on a different but familiar level and this is a continuation from the first project 9394 released earlier this year.

Q: What ways can people get your merchandize and music?
A: We have decided on the release date yet, but the project is ready and people can keep checking our social for more info.

Just before I brief them on when the article will be published and more details, my son asks if they can play a song for him, called ama Miracle. Cheddar agrees and leaves the camera and from the background I could hear the song and I loved it too, lol. My son and I are in the same Whatsapp group musically clearly.

After this interview I realised that there is talent everywhere and stars are everywhere. Give other people your ear and heart and let’s help each other grow. I’m out.

King Boongun

Cheddar: Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram: Chaddar_RSA, Tik Tok : Chaddar93

El Panino: Facebook/ Twitter/Instagram: elpapinohouse

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