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The Roodepoort community having fun at one of the Roodepoort Street Gym's sessions. Photo: Supplied

After seeing that a lot a people in his area were not health concious, Xolani Mdluli and his three team members started the Roodepoort Street Gym in Roodepoort, west of Johannesburg.

Mdluli tells Lunique that another reason they started the street gym was to promote a healthy lifestyle. The project started in November last year. The gyms sessions are free to attend. This gives the Roodepoort community a chance to interact with one another and get to know each other while having fun and excerising at the same time.

“We invite different stakeholders who promote a healthy lifestyle to come promote their products and educate the community on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The other reason for starting the street gym is for social cohesion. We don’t have events that allow people from all ages and backgrounds to come together as one to get to know each other and have fun,” explains Mdluli.

On the day, the community gets to participate on different forms of exercises including aerobics, boxercise and a bit of dancing exercises to add some fun to it. “We also have stalls from people and businesses who have products and services that deal with health and fitness to advertise their products and services to the community. The department of health brings stalls for different types of tests from HIV to high blood and more,” adds Mdluli.

The next gym session is set for 28 March 2020 from 8am to 12pm at the Roodepoort City Hall. People of ages from eight years old are invited. There is also space for more stalls for businesses and individuals to advertise and introduce their businesses, health products and fitness products to the community.

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