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Azola Mlota. Photo: Supplied

By @NomzamoNgcobo

Have you ever thought you could find love on the streets of Twitterville? Oh well… Yes you can!

Through a year old Twitter hashtag #UmjoloWithAzola (dating with Azola), many people have found love, got engaged and some are happily married. Founded by Public Relations (PR) Specialist and Certified Social Media Influencer, Azola Mlota (27), #UmjoloWithAzola connects singles from all parts of the country and it trends on Twitter every Sunday from morning until late.

The birth of the hashtag was in September last year after Thabo Makota, Mlota’s social media friend suggested the idea to him. “He encouraged me to hook people up and use a hashtag to see how responsive people are on topics I tend to post on a daily basis,” Mlota tells @LuniqueMagazine, adding that he liked the idea and decided to go for it.

@mlota_azola says, “Many people used to DM (direct message) me and asked me to hook them up, so I knew the tag would bring the nation together through Twitter, instead of going to dating sites.” Mlota also tells us that he studied communication at the Central University of Techonology in Free State, noting that his qualification has given him a deep understanding in all dynamics of communication and PR, so to be able to work with the public regardless of gender or race.

He says, “Many people tend to ask what influencers do? So at the end of the day I want to be seen as an influence in the field of love, and event PR and promotions.” Mlota says it feels good to know that he has made a positive impact in people’s lives and lovelifes.

“If God willing, I would be happy to see this tag spreading to other media platforms as well. I have realised that South Africa is thirsty for love. Other people are not using social media, the older generation, so if this tag can go to other platforms of media where people can access it because it is something which people need,” he says.

To join other tweeps who have found love through #UmjoloWithAzola, post a picture of yourself with the hashtag, state your location if you are comfortable with that and state your requirements of an ideal partner – and those who like you, will DM you.

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